Unsecured Practice Loan

The Unsecured Practice Loan is a flexible all encompassing facility designed to allow your Practice to:-

  • Enjoy greater financial freedom to invest as you choose.
  • Gain significant cashflow advantages.
  • Benefit from an additional line of credit.

The Unsecured Practice Loans can be utilised for many purposes including:-

  • Refurbishment
  • IT Hardware/Software
  • Telecoms
  • Office Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Building Works
  • Tax Liability
  • VAT Funding
  • Aged Debt (Barristers only)
  • Expansion
  • Relocation
  • Practice Acquisition
  • Partnership Buy In/Out
  • Practice Mergers
  • Recruitment
  • Fee Purchase
  • Partnership Equity Purchase
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance