Merchant Card Services

If you are accepting Credit Card payments provided by any of the UK card acquirers (Nat-West Streamline, Barclay’s Merchant Services, Lloyd s Cardnet or HSBC Global Payments Elavon, First Data Merchant Solutions) our experienced partner may be able to save you money on your processing and terminal costs.

Our partner has secured the services of one of Europe’s largest providers of Merchant Card Processing Services which ensures that we can arrange a competitive quotation……. and there is no cost to transfer.

Savings can potentially run into hundreds, even thousands of pounds, depending on your existing card turnover and rates.

It may be possible that you do not have to change your business banking to take advantage of the potentially lower costs, and the process is quick and simple. You may even find that a different type of terminal may be more suited to your business.

Main points:

  • Potential to save a significant amount on fees
  • No need to change banking arrangements
  • No cost to transfer
  • Simple process of swapping terminals, no loss of continuity
  • Wide choice of terminals to suit different businesses